The Code of Conduct for BMC Vendors aims to communicate and foster responsible values and foundations in the professional activities of BMC’s vendors in their different operational environments.

BMC, which is aware of the importance of its vendors’ actions in its value chain, tries to foment basic criteria for corporate responsibility in the companies that provide it with goods and services.

The principles of conduct for BMC’s suppliers included in this document are divided into three blocks, based on the vendor’s relationship with:

  • Its employees and subcontractors
  • BMC
  • The environment

BMC will ensure that vendors continuously apply these principles; in order to verify compliance, they reserve the right to request audits or evidence.

Principles of Conduct for Vendors Regarding their Employees and Subcontractors

In their operations, all BMC suppliers must respect the principles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the recommendations from the International Labor Organization on workers’ rights. In particular, the vendor should foster and respect, among others, the following principles:

  • Ensure that no form of child labor is used. Act in accordance with the current international, national, regional, and local legislation regarding the minimum working age.
  • Ensure that no kind of forced or compulsory labor is used.
  • Not subject their employees to any kind of physical or verbal abuse, or any other kind of intimidation.
  • Not allow any kind of workplace discrimination based on race, sex, nationality, religion, age, social background, ideology, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Respect the maximum working hours and the minimum wage established by law and by any agreements the vendor is subject to.
  • Ensure that their employees carry out their work in a safe, healthy environment that is in compliance with the applicable occupational safety, hygiene, and health laws.
  • Respect the right of their workers to organize and bargain collectively, without imposing any kind of penalty for doing so.

If the vendor subcontracts work, they will be responsible for ensuring that their subcontractors also carry out their activities while respecting the principles included in this Code of Conduct.

Principles of Conduct for Vendors Regarding BMC

When carrying out their operations, all vendors will comply with the applicable legislation and with the commitments they undertake in their contract with BMC. They will also strive for the utmost quality in the goods and services they provide.

The provider will conduct its business with integrity and in alignment with the following principles:

  • It will not offer bribes, illegal payments, or any gifts to BMC employees that might result in favorable treatment or affect the transparency of BMC’s procurement procedures.
  • It will not engage in irregular business practices such as price fixing or other practices that go against the principles of free competition.
  • It will not disclose or misuse confidential information it may have as a result of the relationship with BMC.
  • It should commit to responsible procurement practices.

Additionally, the vendor should encourage anti-corruption monitoring in their areas of activity, in order to prevent and detect things such as fraud, money laundering, and embezzlement.

Principles of Conduct for Vendors Regarding the Environment

While carrying out their contractual obligations with BMC, the vendor will promote the environmental management principles, and specifically, will respect the following principles regarding social and environmental issues:

  • It will have preventative measures in place to avoid or minimize pollution and environmental degradation. In addition, it should aim to protect biodiversity while carrying out its operations.
  • It should foment the rational use of energy and efficiency when using basic resources whose consumption entails environmental degradation.
  • It should maintain a respectful attitude towards society and the interest groups that are affected by the activities it carries out for BMC.

Compliance with the code of conduct

BMC reserves the right to solve unilaterally the commercial relationship with its supplier, in case of unfulfillment of any of the principles exposed in this Code of Conduct for Suppliers, as well as to proceed with a claim for damages.
The Supplier guarantees and confirms that it will fulfill all the principles in this Code of Conduct for Suppliers, undertaking to hold BMC harmless for any breach of the foregoing. In case of outsourcing from the supplier, it will equally hold BMC harmless of any breach by the subcontractor.

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